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Restep teaches you how to develop Webflow projects by guiding you step-by-step through the workflows of the top makers in your browser.

A 'restep' is a sequence of clicks and key strokes

Our Chrome extension runs the sequence in your browser and rebuilds entire projects for you from start to finish flawlessly.

Pick and Learn

A 'recourse' is a collection of resteps or lessons. Browse through our library curated by talented makers and pick what you want to learn to make.

Flow With Confidence

Building Webflow projects can feel overwhelming. Building them with Restep is as easy as reading what needs to be done and having it done for you instantly.

Track Your Progress

Learn at your own pace by reviewing completed and upcoming steps. When you need a break, pause a restep and continue where you left off at any time.

Learn by Watching · Beta

Tired of clicking? Sit back and let Restep build the full project automatically. Select the speed you are comfortable learning at and stop speeding at any time.

Learn by Doing · Soon

Restep highlights exactly what you need to do in Webflow and ignores other inputs so you can learn in realtime without making mistakes for the first time.

By the Community For the Community

A great product is only as great as its community and we're blessed to be working with great creators from around to world to bring decades of experience to your fingertips.

Dan Parry

Tectonic London

Understanding new tools is a key way to unlock your potential, but it can be daunting and challenging. Restep is an absolute game changer for visual learners.

Matthew Munger

Sn. Product Advocate

When I think about the future of education tech, knowledge sharing, and workflow documentation, Restep is top of mind as an innovator and positive disrupter in the space. I'm beyond excited to see how the community uses Restep to do unimaginable things.

Harris Karim

Brave Starts

As a frequent Webflow user, I have found it challenging leveling up my skills. Restep allows me to accelerate my ability to excecute to a high level by being able to learn off expert webflowers using their steps as they look to solve a creative product design problem.

Harshit Agrawal

Webflow Developer

Restep literally feels like magic and packs the potential to bring revolution to the way we learn and build with Webflow.

Colleen Brady

Organizing Team
State of Flow

As a developer and educator, Restep is my new superpower. I've witnessed it grow from a cool concept into what's become the best way for me to share my skills. It's taken so much of the confusion and complexity out of teaching.

Max Haining

100 Days of Nocode

Restep is the best co-pilot you can ask for when building projects with no-code. Not only can you learn the shortcuts and best practice expert no-coders take, but also use their exact steps to build better faster.

Doc Williams

Brand Factory Inc.

Restep is a game-changer. It brings a new level of efficiency to makers, teachers, and designers like nothing has before straight from your browser.

Tom Batchelor

Design Flow

As a developer and educator, Restep is my new superpower. I've witnessed it grow from a cool concept into what's become the best way for me to share my skills. It's taken so much of the confusion and complexity out of teaching.

Start With Webflow

We currently support Webflow with more platforms on the way. Start learning how to develop websites and apps visually without code and without hassle.

Create Resteps · Beta

Use our Creator to compile and share your workflows. No coding required. Meticulously edit each step, perfect your restep, and publish!

Sell Your Experience · Soon

Create premium recourses, sell your knowledge, and review in depth analytics. Resteps cannot be pirated, duplicated, or run outside of our platform.

Integrate Your Platform · Future

Bring your platform to Restep and help anyone learn new skills no matter where they're from, what they use, or what language they speak.

Restep is Creating a New Knowledge Economy

You know what's more impressive than the pyramids? How they were made! And we'll never know because their workflow was lost. Yours can be compiled, shared, and repeated... forever.

Restep is Secure and GDPR Compliant

It runs locally within your browser without tracking or storing personal data in any way. Our revenue model is based on subscriptions and a percentage of recourse sales.

How does Restep work?

We continuously map every feature in Webflow in our system. Makers then select and combine them to create steps through our Creator and publish them as a Restep that you can run in your browser through our extension.

When you run a Restep, it navigates through your Webflow project and executes each step as a series of clicks and key strokes.

For example, if a maker wants to create a Section, change its Height to 100VH, and set the Background Color to Purple, they would create three steps:

  1. Add a Section
  2. Set Height to 100vh
  3. Change Background Color to #7139F2

If the maker made a mistake, they can easily go back and edit each step.

How do I install Restep?

Restep is a Chrome Extension that is currently in closed Beta. Sign up for our Beta and join our Discord to be among the first to experience Restep.

Is Restep coming to Mac or Windows?

Today, Restep is a Chrome Extension that runs on any computer that runs Chrome.

We are planning to develop native desktop and mobile applications in the future to help anyone learn new skills on any device.

What if Webflow changes in any way?

Let's say you created a restep that uses a certain feature in Webflow and one day, that feature gets moved to another part of the website. You won't need to change anything. Our team can easily update our system and your resteps will continue to run smoothly.

Is this platform only made for learning?

Restep is an automation tool. Here are some of the ways it can serve you.

  • Learn how to develop projects and elevate your skills.
  • Automate boring and repetitive tasks with a single click.
  • Guide your customers to solutions without going back and forth.
  • Store your workflows safely and securely in a bitesized format.
  • Become a teacher and build your community of paid subscribers.

How is Restep private and secure?

Restep cannot access your Webflow account details or any other form of sensitive information. Makers create resteps by selecting and combining features in Webflow defined by us. They cannot select anything outside of what we have defined to create malicious resteps or hijack your browser.

Does Restep track me?

No! Restep complies with GDPR & CalOPPA. We only use the personal details you provide for authentication and displaying them in your profile. We do not track you before or after signing in and will never sell your data. Restep uses anonymized analytics to track system errors which contain no personally identifiable information.

How do you handle custom code?

Makers are able to create steps that paste custom code into particular fields in Webflow. Neither Webflow or Restep validate or are responsible for it. So please review and understand any code that has been used.

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Meet the Restep Team

We met through no-code and used it to transform education.